Ethnographic Terminalia in Visual Anthropology Review 27(1), 2011

Visual Anthropology Review (Vol 27, Issue 1) was just published,  and I am excited to say that it includes six pieces related to our Ethnographic Terminalia exhibit in New Orleans in November, 2010: an introduction to the project written by the curatorial collective, a curatorial essay by Craig Campbell, a piece about the project in the context of New Orleans by Maria Brodine,  a catalogue essay by Trudi Lynn Smith, Fiona P. McDonald, Stephanie Takaragawa and myself, a commentary by Thomas Ross Miller, and an exhibition review essay by Dominic Boyer. The essays can be accessed via Wiley Blackwell (academic access necessary) here, or on the Ethnographic Terminalia website here. More on the 2011 Montréal exhibit––field, studio, lab––can be found here.

From VAR 27(1), Spring 2011:

  • Brodine, Maria, Craig Campbell, Kate Hennessy, Fiona P. McDonald, Trudi Lynn Smith, Stephanie Takaragawa.
    2011 Ethnographic Terminalia: An Introduction. Visual Anthropology Review 27(1):49-51.
  • Campbell, Craig
    2011 Terminus: Ethnographic Terminalia. Visual Anthropology Review 27(1):52-56.
  • Hennessy, Kate, Fiona P. McDonald, Trudi Lynn Smith, Stephanie Takaragawa.
    2011 Ethnographic Terminalia 2010: New Orleans—27 Works. Visual Anthropology Review 27(1):57-74.
  • Brodine, Maria T.
    2011 Struggling to Recover New Orleans: Creativity in the Gaps and Margins. Visual Anthropology Review 27(1):78-93.
  • Miller, Thomas Ross
    2011 Ethnographic Termini: Of Moments and Metaphors. Visual Anthropology Review 27(1):75-77.
  • Boyer, Dominic
    2011 A Gallery of Prototypes: Ethnographic Terminalia 2010, Curated by Craig Campbell, Fiona P. McDonald, Maria Brodine, Kate Hennessy, Trudi Lynn Smith, Stephanie Takaragawa. Visual Anthropology Review 27(1):94-96.