Article in Cultural Anthropology, Indigenous Media Futures

Kate Hennessy, Trudi Lynn Smith and Tarah Hogue recently published their article “ARCTICNOISE and Broadcasting Futures: Geronimo Inutiq Remixes the Igloolik Isuma Archive”  in the journal Cultural Anthropology 33, no. 2 (2018): 213–223.  It is part of a special issue on Indigenous Media Futures edited by Willi Lempert, with contributions from Kristin Dowell, Faye Ginsburg, Daniel Fisher, and Willi Lempert. You can access this open access publication and all of the other articles here! 

“The May 2018 issue of Cultural Anthropology features a far-seeing addition to our Openings and Retrospectives section, “Indigenous Media Futures,” which sounds the creative and political potentials of indigenous media today. William Lempert explains that the collection is both opening and retrospective, reflecting on the rich history of anthropological scholarship on indigenous media while also tracing the trajectories of emerging forms like stop-motion animation and remix art. Daniel Fisher, Kristin Dowell, Kate Hennessy, Trudi Lynn Smith, Tarah Hogue, and Faye Ginsburg all lend their voices to the collection.”