BCMA Magazine 2017 ‘Changemaker’ in the Cultural Field

I (Kate) am very honoured to have been counted among an inspiring group of museum professionals and advocates as a 2017 “Changemaker” by the BC Museums Association’s magazine Roundup. Thank you also to SFU News for the article about this recognition.

I have been so fortunate to be invited to join incredible teams with members of Indigenous communities and organizations in BC and the Northwest Territories, and curators, anthropologists, archaeologists, and designers. I am grateful to be trusted with this work and want to acknowledge that I am being honoured in this way only because of the hard work and dedication that those I have been fortunate to work with have committed to these same projects. There are so many people who are pushing the boundaries of what new technologies can do to shift and even begin to decolonize relationships between museums and Indigenous communities and I am grateful to be a part of this movement.

My gratitude related to people I have been so lucky to work with on these projects to (and not limited to!): Natasha Lyons, Dave Schaepe, Chief Colin Pennier, Sonny McHalsie, John Welch, Mike Blake, Dana Lepofsky, Kyle McIntosh, Sue Rowley, Jordan Wilson, Alissa Antle,  Aynur Kadir, Reese Muntean, Charles Arnold, Stephen Loring, Mervin Joe, Albert Elias, Aaron Glass, Amber Ridington, Robin and Jillian Ridington, Garry Oker, Billy Attachie, Gerry Attachie, Shirley Reiter, Madeline Oker, Norman Davis, Sam Acko, Pat Moore, Kim Christen, and Jane Anderson… and many more. Gratitude.