• Video still, Residue, 2017. Trudi Lynn Smith and Kate Hennessy.

    Conversations with Unusual Suspects: Trudi Lynn Smith, Kate Hennessy, and Sabine Bitter, Oct. 19.

    Conversations with Unusal Suspects is a seminar series by the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography (CIE) & the Institute for Performance Studies (IPS/SFU). Trudi Lynn Smith and Kate Hennessy will be in conversation with Sabine Bitter about their new project, Fugitives: Anarchival Materiality in Archives. Abstract  In analog and digital archives, issues of material loss are met […]

  • Still, from Virtual Sama. Aynur Kadir, Kate Hennessy, Steve DiPaola, Ozge Yalcin

    Best Paper Award, EVA London 2017

    We were thrilled to be awarded the 2017 Best Paper Award at the EVA London (Electronic Visualization and the Arts) Conference, for our paper: Virtual Transcendance: An interactive immersive media installation of Sufi Dhikr Ritual Aynur Kadir, Kate Hennessy, Steve DiPaola, and Ozge Yalcin Abstract “Virtual Sama” is an interactive multimedia installation that connects computationally […]

  • grab_SQ_home

    Review in BC Studies of Sq’éwlets Virtual Museum of Canada exhibit

    We were excited to see this review of Sq’éwlets: A Stó:lō -Coast Salish Community in the Fraser River Valley just published in BC Studies by Dara Kelly. ___________________________________________________ SQ’ÉWLETS: A STÓ:LŌ-COAST SALISH COMMUNITY IN THE FRASER RIVER VALLEY VIRTUAL MUSEUM Stó:lō Research and Resource Management Centre and Stó:lō Nation Reviewed by Dara Kelly Sq’éwlets: A Stó:lō -Coast […]

  • 20161117_ET_PhotoEssayIsDead_RM_481

    Workshop and Publication: The Photo-Essay is Dead, Long Live the Photo-Essay!

    The Ethnographic Terminalia Collective, supported by MCL members Dr. Gabriela Aceves Sepulvéda (editing and graphic design layout), Dr. Hannah Turner (archival management), Reese Muntean (photography), Aynur Kadir (videography), and Rachel Ward, hosted the workshop ‘The Photo-Essay is Dead, Long Live the Photo-Essay!‘ at the Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association in Minneapolis (Nov. 17th […]

  • FullSizeRender 7

    Exhibition Catalogue – Geronimo Inutiq: ARCTIC NOISE

    grunt gallery has just published a beautiful new catalogue documenting Geronimo Inutiq’s ARCTICNOISE exhibitions. The catalogue includes essays by Tarah Hogue, Christine Lalonde, Britt Gallpen, Yasmin Nurming-Por, cheyanne turions, and an interview with Geronimo Inutiq by Kate Hennessy.

  • IMG_5775

    New article in the Journal of Social Archaeology

    Members of the team have just published an article in the Journal of Social Archaeology called “Sharing deep history as digital knowledge: An ontology of the Sq’e´wlets website project” [link to pdf]. Abstract Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being, becoming, existence, and relation. This paper presents an ontology of the Sqé´wlets Virtual Museum of Canada Website Project, a […]

  • ledger_hannah_MA

    Postdoctoral fellow Hannah Turner edits Special Issue of Museum Anthropology

    This special issue of Museum Anthropology develops a “critical history” of museum catalogues to position the documentation of material culture as a historical epistemological practice. Authors engage critically with emergent discussions concerning the formalization of knowledge about ethnographic material culture as it developed in the nineteenth century. Each article thus contributes to a wider conversation […]

  • Essay on Uyghur Social Media by co-authored by Aynur Kadir

    Darren Byler and Aynur Kadir co-authored an essay on the blog Art of Life in Chinese Central Asia. Their essay “Ms. Munirä’s Wedding Gifts: Trolling Uyghur Elite Society” explores the mediation of Uyghur life through social media through the lens of a recent ‘viral video’ showcasing the presentation of wedding gifts, and the memes that it inspired.

  • FullSizeRender 3

    New book chapter in “Changing Perceptions of Nature”

    Kate Hennessy and Natasha Lyons have written a book chapter titled “Representing Natural Heritage in Digital Space: from the National Museum of Natural History to Inuvialuit Living History” in the newly published volume “Changing Perceptions of Nature (Ian Convery and Peter Davis, eds. Boydell Press, 2016). The chapter explores the ways in which artificial divisions […]

  • 20150815_EthnographicTerminaliaWorkshop_RM_315

    Workshop CFP: “The Photo-Essay is Dead! Long Live the Photo-Essay!”

    The Ethnographic Terminalia Collective invites submissions by photo-essayists working within an anthropological idiom to present their photo-essays at a full-day workshop at the 2016 AAA Meetings in Minneapolis. The full-day workshop is designed for creative and engaged participation from both participants and presenters.  It is structured around three sessions each of which features the presentation […]