Moving Images Film Festival, Roundhouse Community Theatre

On Dec. 6th we held our end of term showcase tonight for my class ‘Moving Images’ at the Roundhouse Theatre. SIAT Senior Lecturer Susan Clements Vivian, and Teaching Assistants Aynur Kadir and Mark Nazemi and I (Kate) worked with two classes of almost 100 students to produce 20+ short documentaries in partnership with the Museum of Vancouver (for exhibitions Haida Now and Wild Things), the Museum of Anthropology (The Fabric of Our Land- Salish Weaving), the Vancouver Parks Board Fieldhouse Artist Residency Program, the Reach Community Health Centre, and amazing artist researchers like Chantal Gibson and Patrick Pennefather. We were so excited to celebrate the end of term and the amazing work of these very dedicated students and partners! We look forward to sharing the videos soon. Our special thanks to Kwiaawah Jones, Viviane Gosselin, Susan Rowley, Dexter MacMillan, Marie Lopes, and Ileana Costrut, Chantal Gibson, Patrick Pennefather, and everyone who generously worked with our students over the semester to create these films.

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344_3344-4Photographs by Jay Tseng, 2017.