Moving Images students premiere their films in partnership with the Museum of Vancouver

On Dec. 4th, 2020, Moving Images students at SIAT premiered 34 films on the Museum of Vancouver as a apart of their #isolatingtogetherMOV project and forthcoming exhibition. We also handed out some awards! See the awards ceremony and playlist of all the films here.

Since 2015, the Museum of Vancouver has worked with Dr. Kate Hennessy at Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology and students in the class Moving Images (IAT 344) to develop their video and documentary skills by creating high quality media for inclusion in the MOV’s award-winning museum exhibitions.

#IsolatingTogetherMOV was a new challenge, as students still had the exciting opportunity to learn from the curators at MOV, to connect with members of our community, and to produce work for inclusion in an exhibition that will be seen by large numbers of museum visitors. But the course by necessity had to be completely revised for distance learning and supporting physical distancing.

We wondered, how could we bring our current challenges and anxieties into a collective space for sharing, inspiration, and creativity? How could we use the tools available to us at home to create compelling digital stories? How could the stories we tell to each other inspire and support others? How are these stories important records of an “unprecedented time”? What stories will be we able to tell for a future exhibition about the COVID-19 pandemic experience at the Museum of Vancouver? How could we contribute to #IsolatingTogetherMOV? The films will be included in an upcoming exhibition at the Museum. Click here for more information on the #IsolatingTogetherMOV Project:…

Winners of the Museum of Vancouver’s “Golden Mask Award” for the #isolatingtogetherMOV project… “It’ll All Be Over” by Natalie Booth, and “Skate Like A Girl” by Darya Tyugay.