I am currently the Associate Director of the Bill Reid Centre for Northwest Coast Studies at SFU, where I am also working on an interdisciplinary PhD that explores the changing relationship between memory institutions and Indigenous peoples. My research interests include Indigenous cultural heritage in digital contexts, visual anthropology, postcolonial studies, and material culture. My doctoral research investigates the use of new and emerging media technologies to record, document, safeguard, and create access to Northwest Coast visual cultural heritage.

I completed my Master’s degree in sociocultural anthropology at Carleton University in 2008. My M.A. thesis project examined the disjuncture between ecotourism and cultural tourism principles and practice in the Mesoamerican country of Belize.

In my time with the Bill Reid Centre at SFU, I have been involved in numerous Northwest Coast art and cultural heritage projects that draw on the visual histories of the coast and the work of historic and contemporary Northwest Coast artists.