Hi, My name is Charlotte Wassmer.

I am from Eindhoven which is located in the south of the Netherlands (Europe). In Eindhoven I recieved a Bachelor degree(BSc.) in Industrial Design at the Technical University Eindhoven. After that I went to study at Maastricht University to obtain a MA in Art, Culture and Heritage Management.  During my internship at the Making Culture Lab it is my role to assist in designing and building online and offline experiences.

My professional interest is on Design for Debate. I greatly value sharing knowledge and every once in a while I just like to trigger people with new and extraordinary perspective. I am a fan of the Next Nature movement (nextnature.net) and graduated as the last Industrial design student in that theme on a project for Techno-Animism & Chado (Japanese tea ceremony).

From design for debate I got interested in cultural education and curating/designing museum exhibitions. This has led me to my master study. It also allowed me to hone my skills for organisation, management and policy making.

Industrial Design taught me the basics in prototyping (this includes programming, electronics and modelling). I often use (rough) sketches in the process to communicate my stories and ideas but I also like to make portfolios and booklets in Indesign. I have worked as a student assistent for the university (greenscreen) filmstudio so I have some experience as a director, operator and editor for movies.

With my interests in museums and education I have worked as a workshop professional for workshops on soldering, programming and sewing machine instructions. Some of these workshops took place during the STRP biennial where I also worked as a Tour guide for the exhibitions.

I am looking forward to share my skills and knowledge with everyone here!