Surrey UrbanScreen, ‘white clouds in blue sky’

Excerpt from white clouds in blue sky (2022). Preview 1 min 50 sec.
Original work 6 mins. 25 sec. By Kate Hennessy, Trudi Lynn Smith, and Steve DiPaola.

white clouds in blue sky

white clouds in the blue sky is a three-channel video installation by artist-anthropologists Kate Hennessy and Trudi Lynn Smith and artist and artificial intelligence scholar Steve DiPaola. The premiere of the first iteration of this work is in February, 2022 at the Surrey UrbanScreen, as a part of the program Body as Border, curated by Gabriela Aceves-Sepulveda, Freya Zinovieff, and prOphecy Sun.

Edited by J Tseng. AI systems support by Amineh Ahmadinejad.

See more about the artwork here. 


Installation view, Surrey UrbanScreen, Feb. 2022.


Video still, white clouds in blue sky. 2022.