When the City Sleeps, We Dream of Disruption: A Review of Lisa Jackson’s Transmissions Exhibition. Karlene Harvey, BC Studies

Artist Jeneen Frei Njootli is featured in a video segment named “Unearthed.” Source: Electric Company Theatre: Lisa Jackson’s Transmissions. © Lisa Jackson

The journal BC Studies has published a wonderful review of Lisa Jackson’s Transmissions exhibition, by Karlene Harvey.

“This new body of work weaves interdisciplinary themes regarding society, nature, Indigenous languages, and ecological futures. Lisa Jackson is Anishinaabe from the Aamjiwnaang First Nation and she has an impressive filmmaking practice spanning twenty years. The multimedia format in Transmissions makes use of film, media, sculpture, and installation to transport the viewer to a futurist-other state in which we may perceive the world from a perspective beyond the Western-colonial paradigm. The technological undertaking of transforming three distinct segments for this exhibition was years in the making, and its entirety covers over five hundred square metres. Most important, the exhibition provokes a number of questions. For instance, how do we relate to our urban and natural environment? And what relational connections may we discover from the sophisticated organic networks occurring in forests and waters?”

Read the full review here.

SFU Faculty Partners in the project, Kate Hennessy (SIAT) and Karrmen Crey (CMNS), are currently developing an online resource documenting Transmissions, the Roots of Meaning Symposium held alongside Transmissions, and online teaching tools.