Workshop and Publication: The Photo-Essay is Dead, Long Live the Photo-Essay!

The Ethnographic Terminalia Collective, supported by MCL members Dr. Gabriela Aceves Sepulvéda (editing and graphic design layout), Dr. Hannah Turner (archival management), Reese Muntean (photography), Aynur Kadir (videography), and Rachel Ward, hosted the workshop ‘The Photo-Essay is Dead, Long Live the Photo-Essay!‘ at the Annual Meetings of the American Anthropological Association in Minneapolis (Nov. 17th 2016). The team and workshop participants also collectively created and published an accompanying open-access, limited-edition print run publication of the same name. A digital documentation of the event and the publication will be available in Winter 2017.

We were very excited by the creative challenge of documenting the workshop and printing our publication for distribution within 36 hours of the workshop completion. We were also thrilled to work with Sam Gould at Beyond Repair in Minneapolis on our cover design and the rapid printing process. Our sincere thanks workshop participants and presenters, and to the Society for Visual Anthropology, the American Anthropological Association, and SSHRC for making this possible.