Collectors Among Us: Museum of Vancouver

Students in Kate Hennessy’s Moving Images class (IAT 344), with MCL PhD student and Teaching Assistant Rachel Ward, have exhibited 8 short documentaries in the Museum of Vancouver’s All Together Now exhibition that runs until Jan. 8, 2017.

Over the semester, we collaborated with MOV curator Viviane Gosselin to connect with Vancouver residents with remarkable personal (and undeniably eclectic) collections. What do collections mean to the collectors who create them?

SFU News recently published a story about the project. Congratulations to the students–26 in total have work represented!

“Collectors Among Us” 

Collectors are everywhere. They roam freely in the streets of Vancouver. They wake up early to have first pick at garage sales, auctions, artist studios and antique shows. Collectors are connected people. They congregate at collector gatherings, visit online marketplaces multiple times a day and ask friends and family to be on the lookout. Collectors create fascinating groupings of objects and gain extraordinary knowledge in fields related to their collection. All Together Now offers a glimpse into the diversity of collecting communities in the city.

A collaboration with the School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University provided an opportunity to get to know and feature other collections and their creators. Collectors Among Us is a series of short documentary films made for All Together Now by SIAT students. Through these students’ eyes, we access the worlds of eight collectors who share with us what collecting means to them.

INK – A Portrait of Johnnie Christmas from Arthur Wang on Vimeo.

Johnnie Christmas: Comic Book Collector (5 min, 2016) 
Stephanie Bourgeois
Carlo Misajon
Arthur Wang

Cycle: A Portrait of Fritz Duernberger from Carol Ho on Vimeo.

Fritz Duernberger: Bike Collector (3 min, 2016) 
Carol Ho
Quinn Kim
Jennifer Lee
Clinton Walsh

am-fm from Crystal Lam on Vimeo.

K.K Chow: Radio Collector (3 min, 2016) 
Crystal Lam
Syrus So
Mark Wakeham

Sneakerhead (2016, 6 min.) from Rachel M. Ward on Vimeo.

Jeff “Martini” Martin: Sneaker Collector (5 min, 2016) 
Rachel M. Ward

James Phillips: Boombox Collector (4 min, 2016) 
Anezka Chua
Ty Husband
Andy Shin

Stuart Kennedy: Camera Collector (3 min, 2016) 
Tianchi Bi
Di Lin
Chanyasunhachan Promtep
Marco Yuen

Lucien Lu: Marvel Figures Collector (5 min, 2016) 
Yanto Liang
Roxanne Shih
Jessy Weng
Linfeng Xu

Robyn Volk: Vintage Collector (5 min, 2016) 
Claire Cong Chen
Winnie Hung
Joevy Leong
Aaron Sham