Led by Kate Hennessy (in collaboration with Trudi Lynn Smith, Craig Campbell, Stephanie Takaragawa, and Fiona P. McDonald), the Ethnographic Terminalia Collective is in the process of designing and creating a digital archive that will document the work of the collective Since 2009, the Ethnographic Terminalia Collective has staged annual exhibitions and projects in major North American cities that explore the intersections of art and anthropology. We will develop a dynamic open access web-based archive of the ETC exhibitions and pedagogical tool for teaching about anthropology and art. We expect the archive to launch in 2019.

This project is supported by a SSHRC Insight Grant, “Between the Physical and the Virtual: Anthropology, Art, and Emergent Digital Hybrid Spaces”. We are doing this work in partnership with Simon Fraser University’s Digital Humanities Innovation Lab and the Simon Fraser University Library.