Tylar Campbell is a PhD student in the School of Interactive Arts & Technology at Simon Fraser University. His research explores storytelling, digital humanities, and VR. As a new member of the Making Culture Lab, Tylar is excited to explore visual anthropology, media archaeology, and how humans interface with technology to create new realities.

Tylar holds an M.A. in Data Journalism from Stanford University’s School of Communication. At Stanford, he developed skills in data visualization, interactive programming, and project design for 360 videos. He led a 360 immersive film project about coastal communities and their sustainable harvesting practices. His thesis explored lynching in the Deep South, raising questions of historical representation, reconciliation, collective memory, and Black fugitivity.

Tylar holds a B.A. in African American Studies from University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). While attending UCLA, Tylar studied abroad in 5 countries publishing articles on a range of topics from slow food to biodiversity. While studying abroad in Vancouver, Tylar collaborated in a research and design project that resulted in the production of a bee hotel at the Hawthorn Community Garden located on the University British Columbia’s campus. The bee hotel installation is still active and set to expire in May 2021.