Ethnographic Terminalia 2011 at Eastern Bloc, Montréal

La Cosa Preziosa describing her sound installation, "Passa La Banda"

The 2011 Ethnographic Terminalia exhibit “Field, Studio, Lab” has now concluded at Eastern Bloc Centre for New Media and Interdisciplinary Art in Montréal, Canada. Our whirlwind 10 days included the exhibit installation, an opening party, an artist/curator talk with Art Gallery of York University curator Emelie Chhangur and Director Phillip Monk, an artists’ walk-through and discussion, a round table discussion with invited discussants from the Montreal academic and arts community (thank you to Krista Lynes (Concordia Communication Studies), Chris Salter (Concordia Computational Arts), Alice Jim (Concordia Art History), Jason Lewis (Concordia Computational Arts), Shelley Butler (McGill Canadian Studies), Annette Bhagwati (Concordia Art History), Roger Simon (U of Toronto Education & Museum Studies),  and Erica Lehrer (CEREV, Concordia)), and a screening of the acclaimed ethnographic film Sweetgrass with co-director Lucien Castaing Taylor in attendance. My sincere thanks to 2011 co-curators Fiona P. McDonald and Trudi Lynn Smith, to our partnering curator Erica Lehrer, and to Ethnographic Terminalia co-curators Craig Campbell, Stephanie Takaragawa, and Maria Brodine. Special thanks also to Rachel Topham, who photographed the exhibit. Here are a few of Rachel’s photographs; many more, along with exhibition reviews and the writing of our curatorial team, are coming soon.