Ethnographic Terminalia 2013, Chicago

Ethnographic Terminalia is pleased to formally announce our upcoming exhibition this November in Chicago:

“Exhibition as Residency–Art, Anthropology, Collaboration” will be taking place 18-22 November 2013 at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park.

‘Exhibition as Residency” is an installation of international collaborative projects that visitors are invited to interact with in the gallery. Join us in exploring what lies within and beyond the disciplinary territories of art and anthropology, and how collaborations can shape new communities and representations of cultural practice.


“Self-Repair” by Charlotte Bik Bandlien, fashion design label HAiK with us! and Ruben Steinum [Norway] “The Ethnographic Process of Portrait-Painting” by Zoe Bray [UK/Basque Country] “Shrines of Citizenship” by The EBANO Collective [Portugal] The Ethnographic Terminalia Collective [Interational] “Visualizing Arts and Public Life” by Jesse Colin Jackson, Tori Foster, Lindsay A Bell [USA/Canada] “Habitat” by Ian Kirkpatrick [UK] “Re-connections: Coast Salish Knitting and Resilience in Chicago” by Andrea Walsh, Trudi Lynn Smith, and Sylvia Olsen in collaboration with Coast Salish Knitters Adam Olsen and Joni Olsen [Canada] “Imaginary Venues [Almost There—Washington Park]” by Robert Willim [Sweden]

If you are in Chicago already, visiting Chicago in November, or attending the AAA meetings taking place in Chicago please be sure to take note of gallery hours and the main reception. We look forward to seeing you in the gallery!

a full schedule of events can be found on our website after 1 November 2013

Monday: 12-3pm
Wednesday: 12-3pm
Thursday: 12-3pm
Friday: 12-6pm

Friday, November 22, 2013, 6-9pm

Please visit our website for more details: