Like a Rolling Stone Exhibition + Randy Lee Cutler’s lecture “Between a Rock”


Figure 1. Randy Lee Cutler, Lecture at the Charles H. Scott Gallery, 2016.

Last week I had a chance to attend the exhibition Like a Rolling Stone: An Exhibition About Rock and Rock at the Charles H. Scott Gallery on Granville Island. The multimedia group exhibition showcases works by Acid Sweat Lodge (Kevin Romaniuk and Liam Hogan), Slater Bradley, Sean Coggins, Nadja Frank, Myfanwy MacLeod, Ana Mendieta, Dennis Oppenheim, and Laura Piasta, Melanie Schiff. The work ranges from photography, painting, large sculpture, video and performance documentation. The show will be up until April 17th, 2016.

Like a Rolling Stone: An Exhibition About Rock and Rock tries to create a bridge between rock music and geology. The work succeeds in its use of landscape imagery and rock metaphors. I was particularly drawn to Kevin Romaniuk and Liam Hogan’s Rock & Roll Henge. The site-specific work creates a functional social space for audiences to sit and ponder the exhibition.

I also attended Professor Randy Lee Cutler’s lecture “Between a Rock” on March 17th in the Charles H. Scott Gallery. Cutler discussed different rocks, their significant properties and uses in art making practices over the centuries (see Fig.1). I found Cutler’s investigations on the acquisition of crystals and diamonds for trading routes etc to be particularly in-line with this weeks topic.



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