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Due to a poor lunch choice – why did I pick the questionable tuna sandwich? – I was unable to attend an event at VIVO this evening that I had been looking forward to in person, however, it was (and currently is) available to stream live online.

As the attendees sit in a darkened room, and I sit at home with my laptop we are both able to see, hear, and interact with the program for this evening.

“ The basic characteristics of digital work are that it is programmable, iterative (open to being issued in new and changing versions), generative (giving rise to new expressions), and frequently networked” (16).

I began streaming the evening right as a piece by Margrethe Pettersen was being shared. I have included a link to the English version of it below. I’m flying home for a few days on Saturday morning, and so as she speaks of snow, and you hear the crunch of footsteps across the frozen expanse …well, I can’t wait to spend time in my favorite places when I arrive in the north. So I thought I would share it with you as well.

A link to the soundscape:

A link to the event:

Some images of the information from VIVO this evening:

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A link to an article about Living Land  Below as Above  from Dark Ecology:—below-as-above


I should note that the evening has been amazing so far – not just limited to the work mentioned!

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