The philosophy of letters and its related writing

In communication chapter, Lydia h. Liu (P320) argue that “Through print and electronic media, alphabetic writing has come to dominate the world of communication”. I am totally disagreeing with this view. I think the board coast of a culture and language depend on three basic characters rather than print and electronic media. Indeed, the communication of media play a key role in modern information society, but the language exchange and board coast are before the invention of electronic media. The three key elements are economic and politics.

Let’s talk about economic first, as the author said: “the invention of writing came into existence first and foremost as a technology”. I also did not agree with the view. Actually, the invention of writing originally emerges from the human activities. What I mean is that as the development and the increasing number of one tribal. People in this community have to communicate and record their everyday activities through drawing at first. Then human beings try to use hieroglyphs to curve on the stone. This phenomenon and record can be found in Chinese ancient ape-man site. This is the origin of writing in our history.

Second, as the development technology and most importantly, the power development of a state. Writing come to board coast by technology. I can come up with two examples, the first example is that the ancient Chinese letters exported to Korea and Japan. And another instance is that the board coast of English to over the world. When it comes to the first example, Chinese and Chinese writing as a culture accompany with architecture style transplant to ancient Japan and Korea. This is why these countries still using ancient Chinese writing style as their writing system. Let’s transfer to English, the reason is coming from the expand of colonies.

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